UW Medicine Website
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UW Medicine Website

Working with UW Medicine, a premier health care provider in the United States, provided an exciting opportunity for brand development and web design in a competitive industry. Jennergy contracted with UW Medicine to provide a brand overhaul and new website, with the specific challenge of delivering a modern, user friendly experience that edged out their competitors. As the brand identity was solidified, I began to lead the efforts in website design.


The complexity of UW Medicine made user experience an area of special interest on this project. The site services patients, providers, researchers, students, and donors; and it had to be easily navigable for each party. To make sure that our designs were headed in the right direction, we worked closely with the client to create prototypes for small scale user testing via hotjar.com. Our testing demonstrated that user experience on high traffic pages improved. Users reported that tasks like finding services and booking appointments was easier and overall, quicker. Ultimately, we were able to move forward confident that site would serve its users in a more intuitive way.


As a client, UW Medicine was uniquely involved in the creative process. I worked directly with UW Medicine UX Designers and Researchers to produce wireframes, prototypes, and site development. When final designs were approved, I delivered Adobe XD files and extensive UI style guides. Unfortunately, the site was not fully developed according to the approved designs but working with a team outside of our normal contractors was a valuable experience. The current site reflects a simplified version of the final design.

Position On Project

Visual Designer

Company Worked With


Tools Used

Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Drupal

Design, Ecommerce, Website